As you can tell the new website has launched. We welcome any feedback and additional information you would like added to the site. You can email Karen Payne, webmaster, at Bear with us as we continue to gather the information and set up the pages and work out all the kinks.

We have added new features to make the site more user friendly and easier to manage. 

Having our blog in the site manager will make it easier to keep everyone informed on coming events and news within our Church and community. You can read all of our posts here as they are added. The old blog still exists but has not been linked here. It will eventually but just for history and will not be updated.

The calendar is also within the site manager. It is now on the homepage and located here. More information can be added to each event. Stay up-to-date on upcoming events, our days of giving, and much more. The google calendar from the old site still exists but will not be updated from here on out. It will not be linked to the new website.



Our Facebook feed is the same. It is on the homepage and the blog will still link to it. Twitter is not linked to the homepage but will also be linked to the blog for anyone who follows our tweets. Instagram will be added soon.


Most photos were downloaded from the old site and new galleries are coming soon.

Information on our Music, Youth Fellowship, and other programs will also be updated.