Why Attend Ernest Myatt?

Here are some testimonies from our congregation


Why I Picked Ernest Myatt for my church and Why I Stay at Ernest Myatt

Before I answer these two questions, I want to establish why I believe you should go to church in the first place.

There are many Christians in this country who either do not attend or who are unhappy with church, because most have concluded that it is not necessary. They believe in the Lord, they give thanks for the food they eat, teach their children to say their prayers, they give generously of their money and time to good causes, and they are thoughtful, caring, and considerate of others. The question is asked, if you do all these things, why church? Why not take the money you would tithe and give it directly to the causes that you think would best serve mankind. Instead of giving an hour each week to a church, why not give an hour to helping in a soup kitchen, or to a nursing home or hospital. And, unfortunately, many churches have been unable to dissuade this line of thinking.

Church is not just a building located on Main Street USA, where you go on a Sunday to socialize, politic, and give part of your paycheck and a few hours of your time. Church was designed by God for you, and you have been asked by Him to come to His house (“honor the Sabbath and keep it holy.”), where you will honor Him, fellowship with His children, and be taught by His chosen in this holy place. He has asked you to bring your wretched self, with all your warts, problems, hurts, sorrows, good times, bad times, so that He can fill your heart and soul until it overflows. Each week when you leave this holy place, your spine will be straighter, your eyes kinder, your tongue softer, your mind sharper, your heart bigger. It is a win/win. The Lord wants You and You Need Him. If you agree to let Him move into your heart, He gives you the keys to His Kingdom. Where else have you ever been offered such a deal and all for the price of a few hours?

So, why did I choose Ernest Myatt and why do I stay. Because within this House of God, it happens, all of the above. Each week, you are replenished and able to go back out into the world to meet its’ demands with a kinder, more giving and caring heart than you could ever imagine on your own. You give of your time and your money not because it is expected, or because it makes you look good, or to increase your tax break, but because you have been made rich and your heart reaches out to those whom God has put before you to share in those riches. So, I say to you who are dissatisfied with your current church or to you who don’t go to any church but are missing something you can’t quite put your finger on, please come join us at Ernest Myatt this coming Sunday.