Our Mission

Worship God
Grow in Faith and Fellowship
Serve the World

Who We Are
Ernest Myatt is a church with roots and long-standing ties with the local community. We are a family of believers, diverse in age, talents, dreams and goals yet we share a common desire to learn the Word of God and to share the Word with Others. While we are considered by some to be a small Church in size, our goals and enthusiasm are large. We endeavor to provide spritual and familial support to our children adults and session members.

History of Our Church

Our Church began in 1907 when an afternoon Sunday School class was started in a schoolhouse at the fork of Fayetteville Rd, about 5 miles south of Raleigh. Between 1907 and 1923, the founders harbored the hope that one day their Fellowship would become a Church. This dream was realized in 1923 with the help from W.A. Myatt.

Ernest Myatt, son of W.A. Myatt, was born on March 28, 1888 in Raleigh. He attended school in Raleigh and graduated from Washington & Lee University in 1913. Ernest held a license to practice law in North Carolina and Virginia. In 1913, Ernest was stricken sick with tuberculosis and confined in a New York sanitarium. Just prior to his death, he requested that he be brought home to Raleigh. Ernest wanted to return home to plead wiht his father to become a Christian. He asked a preacher to talk to him and his father about personal salvation. W.A. Myatt joined the Presbyterian Church in March 1914.
In 1915, it was decided that a small sanctuary was to be erected but the Fellowship lacked the funds to purchase the land adjoining the school house. After Ernest’s death at the age of 25, his father purchased and donated the land on which the Church now stands. The cornerstone of the first building was laid in 1915 and construction was completed the following year.

The congregation took the name Ernest Myatt Chapel in 1915. The Church was commissioned on November 11, 1923 as Ernest Myatt Presbyterian Church.
In 1949, the sanctuary was enlarged and again in 1975 adding a larger foyer and a choir loft.
In 1963, a larger education wing was built and dedicated to Dr. John B. Wright who taught the adult Sunday School class from 1915 until his death in 1956. The Children’s Development Center opened in September 1972.